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How to protect mobile

  • vKeep Your Phone Locked.
  • vSet Secure Passwords.
  • vKeep Your Device's OS Up-To-Date.
  • vConnect to Secure Wifi.
  • vBeware of Downloads.
  • vDon't Jailbreak or Root Your Phone.
  • vEncrypt Your Data.
  • vInstall Anti-Virus Software.

Mobile Glass is Broken

Back Glass Is Broken!

Long gone are the times of getting a phone with a removable back. Unless you’ve got an older Samsung or a Motorola, you’ll be questioning the way to remove the rear of the phone to exchange the battery, or simply to exchange the rear of it with new glass! Let’s rehearse exactly what’s happening underneath the glass.

1.) How is at attached?

The back glass may be a flat piece of glass that matches within the frame of the phone. there’s usually a hoop of adhesive that goes round the device that keeps it on the rear of the phone. If it’s cracked, it’ll got to be removed carefully with heat and therefore the proper tools, otherwise it’s going to crack more and make a cloud of small glass (not fun)

It is important to notice that underneath the rear glass is where your fingerprint sensor could also be on newer models, it’s important to form sure you don’t go too far past the sting, otherwise you’ll damage the cable there.

2.) How do I remove it? What tools do I need?

The thing that’s most vital is to possess heat. Without heat it’ll shatter very easily. If you’ve got a heat gun, try heating round the edges a touch at a time to loosen the adhesive. Now that it’s heated, we will start with the tedious part. you would like to either use a suction cup to make alittle opening or use a skinny plastic card to make the opening in between the rear of the phone and therefore the glass. Once you’ve got the opening, you’ll keep it open by inserting a skinny plastic card or a pick sized object. After you’ve got your opening, keep heating and dealing along the sting together with your pry tool or plastic card. It helps to drop a touch alcohol on your tool to chop through the adhesive. Once you’re employed all the way around, it should come off fairly easily.

How do I put it back on?

This part is fairly simple, the replacement back glass that you simply order may have adhesive already applied. If it doesn’t there’s differing types of adhesive and pre-made strips which will be used round the fringe of the glass. Once you’ve got this applied, you would like to first connect any cables underneath, then lay the rear glass back on to the frame. take care that it doesn’t get caught on the camera or it’s going to crack the glass again.

Don’t want to risk it?

If all of this seems like an enormous headache and something which may fail, Quick Mobile Repair offers this service in the least of our locations. we’ve the rear glass for the bulk of Samsung models and it only takes us 20 minutes or less to repair. On top of a 1-year warranty and low costs, it’s going to be worthwhile to possess us lookout of it! Having broken glass isn’t fun and we’d wish to assist you get your Samsung back and classy as soon as possible!

How to Protect Mobile Screen

Accessories to guard Smartphones against Damage
At Alfa Mobile, we’re proud to supply comprehensive services when it involves phone repairs and future protection. we would like all our clients to be ready to maintain a non-damaged phone once we’ve performed repairs, and this is often why we provide services like insurance et al. that assist you with this maintenance and related themes.

One of the key such themes at play for all our clients, and really for anyone who owns a smartphone today: Using accessories to guard the phone and keep it freed from damage and other risks so you never need to worry about phone repairs. during this two-part blog series, we’ll re-evaluate several such accessories that a lot of smartphone owners consider for shielding their devices on a day or 2 days.

Phone Case
Perhaps the only most vital accessory for several smartphone owners is that the case, which can protect it from the most risks of physical damage and impact once you drop, kick, or otherwise put the phone in danger. There are numerous telephone cases out there for varying purposes, each of which can be sized specifically to suit popular telephone brands used today.

For those that regularly have the phone in a neighborhood or setting where dropping or another impact is feasible, we recommend a cushioned case. this may allow the item to be protected through most impacts, though there still could also be some that are significant enough to wreck it.

Glass Protector
Most smartphones today utilize a glass layer for his or her touchscreen, and this is often another area of the phone which will be protected. There are several tempered glass film protectors out there designed for specific phones, and you only need to match your device to at least one of the choices designed for your brand.

One note here: Be very careful to pick the right size for your glass protector. Those sized improperly may very well cause damage to the screen themselves instead of protecting it.

Cleaning Kit
You might think the sole thing you’re risking if you never clean your phone is a few dirt and dirt, but this actually isn’t the case. Enough dust and dirt buildup during a phone can actually impact its hardware components and make it less effective, which is why it’s vital to make sure you’ve got a specialized screen cleaning kit on-hand.

This will include items specifically designed to wash that brand’s screen and possibly other areas. Like with a glass protector, it’s vital to seek out the right brand here: the incorrect cleaning fluid applied to an incorrect phone model may void your purchase or repair warranty.

For more on the protective accessories available to assist you to retain your smartphone safe, or to find out about any of our phone repair, computer repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at Alfa Mobile today.